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Nominate a Deserving Teacher for this Year’s "Teacher of the Year" Award

The National Teacher of the Year (NTOY) Program began in 1952 and continues as the oldest, most prestigious national honors program that focuses public attention on excellence in teaching. A candidate for National Teacher of the Year is someone who is exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable, and skilled in the classroom. Click here to complete the nomination form. Below are the last five years for the Teachers of the Year:

2014 Cathy Metcalf (Chugwater K-1st),
2013 Liesl Peterson (Math - WHS),
2012 Debbie Dickinson (Elem - West),
2011 Wade Ward (Art - WMS),
2010 Fran Blatnick (Math - Glendo)

PCSD#1 Policy KL

Public Complaints

Platte County School District #1 has approved on second reading policy KL (Public Complaints) at the regular board meeting on Monday, March 16,2015.
Please click here to view the current KL policy. If you have any questions concerning this policy, please email Dennis Fischer, Superintendent at

PCSD#1 Policy IKF
Under Review

Graduation Requirements

Platte County School District #1 is now in the process of reviewing policy IKF (Graduation Requirements). The proposed changes were presented to the Board of Trustees for a first reading at the regular board meeting on Monday, March 16, 2015. Click here to view the current IKF policy. If you have any questions concerning this policy, please email Dennis Fischer, Superintendent at

"School Choice" &
"Supplemental Education Services"

No Child Left Behind or NCLB and mandates that states establish annual performance targets for students based upon state exams with the eventual goal of every child being proficient or advanced by 2014.  Wyoming uses the Proficiency Assessment for Wyoming Students (PAWS) and the ACT test to determine if students were meeting or exceeding grade level expectations. Based on these scores, schools may need to offer "School Choice" and/or "Supplemental Education Services."

For additional "School Choice" and
"Supplemental Education Services" information click here.

NCLB Results for 2014 Released

The results of the federal accountability system for schools and districts were released in November 2014.  This system is often referred to as the No Child Left Behind Law or Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP).  The NCLB student achievement target for 2014 PAWS or ACT tests were that all of students (100%) would score proficient or advanced in reading and math.  As a district we, along with 15 other districts, failed to meet AYP targets at the elementary, middle school, or high school levels for the first time since NCLB was enacted. We are considered to be in the warning year for district improvement.

We take these results very seriously and continue to work to improve student learning and achievement for each of our students.  Please follow the links below to learn more about NCLB and our district and school results.

AYP Information and Parent Letters
Libbey Elementary/West Elementary- AYP Information
District & State Student Performance Data

"Find Us on Facebook"

Platte County School District #1 is now on Facebook. In an attempt to increase communication with our parents, community, staff and students, PCSD #1 is using Facebook. Click here or on the Facebook logo to go to our page and 'Like' us to receive updated information on our students, programs, or school-related activities.

The use of Facebook will allow us to post additional pictures, longer stories, and more indepth information than we currently can using our school's and district's websites. If you have suggestions for either this webpage or our Facebook page, please contact us at 322-3175.

An Excellent Way for Parents to Track Student's Progress

Staying in touch and informed on your son or daughters education is very important. Platte County SD 1 uses the Powerschool student information system as an easy, efficient way for parents to get a wide variety of infromation. From grades to attendance to test scores, Powerschool offers a simple online option for parents to track their students achievement. For more information or to sign up for this online feature, please click here or call your students school.

Wheatland Middle School Spring Book Fair Begins April 24th

The Wheatland Middle School Fair is scheduled to begin on April 24th. The fair will be open from 7:30 am to 3:45 each day, with extended hours on Friday, April 24th until 7 pm. This is a great time to purchase books for the whole family with the Buy One Get One Free book fair (equal or lesser value).  We are still in need for adult volunteers to help with our fair, please contact Mrs. Lucero by calling 322-1518, ext. 4027 or emailing her at if you are available to help.  We’ll see you there!

Wheatland High School to Host 5k Walk for Wishes

The Wheatland High School Student Council will be sponsoring a 5k Walk for Wishes to benefit Make a Wish of Wyoming. All proceeds will go towards making the wish of a seriously ill child here in Wyoming come true. Join us at Lewis Park on Saturday, May 9th, 2015 beginning at 9:00 am.  Click here for all the details of this worthy event including registration information.

Libbey Kindergartners Raise the Flag


On Thursday, April 9, 2015 three of our local veterans joined Libbey’s Kindergarten students to raise the flag and say the Pledge of Allegiance together.  Each Kindergarten student received a certificate to celebrate their learning of the Pledge of Allegiance this year.  Libbey wishes to extend a big thank you to the Veterans for joining in this celebration! 


West Elementary Book Fair Kicks Off April 13

The West Elementary Book Fair is scheduled to begin next week on April 13th and run all week through April 17th. There are lots of exciting events planned for each day. You will not want to miss this upcoming Book Fair. For a detailed schedule of events, please click on the Facebook icon or go to the West Elementary homepage.  

If you are unable to attend the Scholastic Book Fair,
follow the simple steps below and shop Online:

1) Go to:
2) Click the link-“Find a Fair/Scholastic Book Fairs”
3) Enter zip code 82201 and hit search
4) Find “West Elementary”
5) Click on “View Home Page”
6) Click on “Shop Online”

West Elementary will be credited with any of the purchases made online from April 8th to April 21st which enables the Library to purchase more books for the Library.

Thank you for all your support!

Online Registration Available to PCSD#1 Parents

Registering your child at PCSD#1 is now a simple and easy process. Click here for the easy to follow instructions for this on-line registration.

If you prefer registering your student at their school, below are the dates and times available to you:

Chugwater's date is May 5th 8:30 am - 12:00 pm
Glendo's date is April 13th 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Libbey's date is April 14th 7:30 am - 9:00 am and 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm
West's date is April 16th 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
WMS's dates are April 30th 7:30 am - 9:00 am or May 5th 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
WHS's (in the library) date is April 16th 3:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Libbey Celebrates with their
Annual Egg Drop

On Friday, March 27th, Libbey Elementary 1st graders held their annual egg drop from atop the high school gymnasium.  They had many eggs survive the drop but a few didn’t make it. 

It was great having so many parents attend to support their children!


Wheatland Middle School Celebrates History Day

Mrs. Birt, Wheatland Middle School Social Studies Educator, and her students travelled to Laramie County Community College on Tuesday, March 17th to celebrate Wyoming History Day. 
Below are the results of her students:

1st - Jr. Individual Website-- Elyse Rutherford
1st - Jr. Group Website-- Carlos Garcia and Cole James
1st - Jr. Individual Documentary-- Natalie Iacovetto
1st - Jr. Individual Performance-- Brooke May
2nd - Jr. Individual Performance-- Matthew Wilhelm
1st - Jr. Group Performance-- Gage Brown and Jacob Burns
1st - Jr. Individual Exhibit--Katie Currier
2nd - Jr. Individual Exhibit-- Madison Wright
1st - Jr. Group Exhibit-- Paige James and Haiden Wiggins
1st place Sr. Historical Paper-- Emily Wright (WHS)

Way to go WMS students!


PCSD#1 Participates in National School Breakfast Program

Platte CSD#1 is announcing its participation in the National School Breakfast Program.  The School Breakfast Program is a USDA federal program that reimburses school districts for serving nutritious meals to students.

Beginning April 6, 2015, the following schools will be serving breakfast: Libbey Elementary, West Elementary, Wheatland Middle School, and Chugwater Schools. Breakfast prices are: Student-$1.10, Reduced-$.30, Adult-$1.75

Because of the potential for increased costs to parents, please communicate with your children as to their participation in the breakfast program. For more information, please contact your local school.

Glendo Students Prepare for the Special Olympics


The Special Olympics of Wyoming will be hosting the “Young Athletes” event to be held on Sunday, April 12th at 10:00 am.
This event will be held at the Old Jr High located at 1150 Pine St in Wheatland. 

PCSD#1 Trustee, Shawn Shepard, along with Special Olympics Director, Leanne Jones from Casper Wyoming, have begun recruiting young athletes from the Glendo Schools.  For more photos, please click on our Facebook icon.

Proficiency Assessment for Wyoming Students

Platte #1 students in grades 3-8 will soon be taking the Proficiency Assessment for Wyoming Students (PAWS) in reading, math, and science (grades 4 & 8 only).   The results of these tests are used for both measuring a student’s individual achievement relative to grade level standards and as a school performance indicator for State and Federal accountability. 

Each school has developed a testing schedule for their students.   West Elementary is testing during the mornings of March 3, 4, 5 and March 10, 11, 12.   Glendo 3-8, Chugwater 3-8, and WMS will be testing students during March 16-20.   You may help your child to show his or her best on the PAWS tests by …

  • ensuring your child is well rested the night before the assessments,
  • helping set performance goals focused on improving with your child,
  • ensuring your child eats a good breakfast,
  • and providing positive encouragement for your child to give his or her best effort on the tests and in class. 

PAWS is one measurement tool used to indicate how a student is performing compared to the Wyoming State Standards in ELA, Math, and Science.   Your help and support can help make the PAWS tests successful for our children. 

Music & Art “Reach the PEAK”

Fine & Performing Arts educators have drafted a purpose statement and “Reach the PEAK” statement as part of their curriculum review process.  They are asking for student, parent, and community feedback.  Please review the draft Fine & Performing Arts “Reach the PEAK” and share your comments by completing the survey

Libbey Celebrates Dr. Seuss Week March 2-6

In honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, we will be celebrating!  Each day will be themed to match one or more of Dr. Seuss’s books. 
Below you will find the schedule for the week! 

Monday- The Cat in the Hat Day- Wear your favorite hat to school all day!
Tuesday- The Sleep Book & Fox in Sox-Wear your pajamas and crazy socks to school! (Please keep weather in mind when choosing your pj’s.)
Wednesday- Wacky Wednesday- Be wacky with your hair and clothes!
Thursday- Oh, the Places You’ll Go!- Dress up as what you want to be when you grow up.
Friday- I Am Not Getting Up Today!- Don’t Come to School today!!! Today is a teacher work day.  Sleep in!

WHS Band Attends UW Rocky Mountain Festival of Winds

On February 20th and 21st, the University of Wyoming hosted Rocky Mountain Festival of Winds, an honor band opportunity for high school students.

Eleven students from Wheatland participated. These students were Hannah Nelson, Shayna Guffey, Bri Robertson, Colten Kauffman, Tyler Kauffman, Michael Wurth, Bryce Carpenter, Sara Horsley, Pryce Millikin, Jonathan Thornton, and Kelsy Begin.

Students had an opportunity to work with UW Faculty and students to learn about playing their instruments, and working in an ensemble. For more photos, please click the Facebook icon.


West Celebrates Stop, Drop and Read!


It’s stop, drop and READ day at West Elementary!  Students are being encouraged to take their books everywhere today and are prepared to read anywhere!  This activity is in support of I LOVE to read month, which ends Friday, Feb. 27th, with “Wear a Word” day.



Glendo Hosts the 8th Grade Honor Band Concert

On Monday, February 23rd, Glendo hosted the 8th Grade Honor Band Concert.  The concert was directed by Kevin Blackwell from the Evanston Middle School. 

18 students from Wheatland, Glendo and Chugwater participated.  Wheatland students included Danielle Britz, Katie Currier, Noah Crowley, Elyse Rutherford, Carlos Garcia, Matthew Wilhelm, Jackson Anderson, Stetson Huckfeldt, and Clayton Iacovetto.  Glendo/Chugwater students included Sabryna Schaffer, Kaylee Jacobson,
Brook Sanborn, Ryeann Geschwell, Curtis Matteson, Nicole Sagner, Britney Porter, Jessica Miller, and Cyndee Fortik.  Some of the selections that were played included “Portsmouth Overture”, “His Honor” and “A Song for Friends”. For more photos, please click on our Facebook icon.


WHS Races 2 Achieve

As a way to implement STEM into science and math curriculum, the Wheatland High School Physics and Intensified Trigonometry classes joined together in a project called Race 2 Achieve. This program is sponsored by the National Guard. Students learned how to apply STEM skills to design, develop, and construct mousetrap cars and modify them to be the fastest!

There were 6 race teams of students who had to first assemble the mousetrap car and run test trials. Then, the class was given a different objective to meet each day which included: adjustments to the body and engine, tires and alignment, friction from the track surfaces and weight distribution. Data was recorded, analyzed, and utilized for improvements every step of the way. Students also part icipated in team debriefs where they discussed the successes and failures of each modification.

The culminating event was a race to see who had the fastest car. The track was 9 meters of wax paper, a 2 meter long pit stop, and 9 meters of plastic wrap. The team had to get their car to stop in the pit stop area. There were time penalties for leaving the 1 meter wide track or not stopping in the pit stop area. Then each team had three official race times. The racing team of 2 Chicks and David prevailed in the end with their car “Linda”! The team consisted of Samantha Britz, Ashley Hyche, and David Timmerman. For more photos, click on our Facebook icon.

Stars of Tomorrow Talent Show

Schedule will be:
March 8th - Auditions
March 10th - The Show

See your schools administration office for an application.​

Libbey Elementary Kicks Off “I Love Reading Month”

Teachers kicked off “I Love Reading Month” today with a skit called Henny Penny.  Children enjoyed watching spaghetti fall from the sky onto Mrs. Swanson, and then learned about the February Reading Challenge.  The Reading Challenge goes along with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  Each child will receive a copy of the book and menu of projects that can be completed throughout the month of February.  During the month of February there will be guest readers to share their love of reading with students.  If you would like to share your love of reading, please contact Mrs. Swanson at 322-3836 and she will pair you with a classroom. For more photos, please click on our Facebook icon.

West Kicks Off “I LOVE to Read” Month

West Elementary kicked off
“I LOVE to Read” month with a short reader’s theater performance by the West Staff.  A calendar of events was included on the back of the February lunch menu.  If you would like to be involved as a guest reader, please call Jill in the West office at 322-4180 and she will get you paired with a classroom in order to share your own love of reading!


Libbey Carnival Festivities Scheduled

***PTO FUNDRAISER Libbey Elementary***        
Food  ▪   Games   ▪   Prizes  ▪   Fun

When: Friday, Feb. 6th, 5:30 - 8 p.m.
Where: Libbey Elementary

Tickets 25¢ each, $1 minimum purchase
Meal served from 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Beefy Nachos, Drink & Cookie $4

Cake Walk, Button Badge, Face Painting, Sand Art,
Plinko, Bowling, Cotton Candy and much more!


Glendo FFA Raises Awareness during
Wyoming FFA Advocacy Week 

The Glendo FFA Chapter Advisor, Kevin Teten, along with his FFA students;
Evan Wilhelm, Hanna Wilhelm, Sydnie Eller, Kelsey Miller, Jessica Miller,
Kesly Porter and Ciarra Stoneking visited the PCSD#1 Administration Building on Wednesday, Jan. 28th.  Wyoming Agriculture Week is currently underway and runs from January 26th through February 1st, 2015.  Their main focus will be to encourage FFA members to be the voice of agriculture and engage their local communities in discussion about where their food comes from and how agriculture contributes to Wyoming’s economy and culture.  FFA members have a desire to be AGvocates and would like that desire to spread to everyone interested in or benefiting from food and fiber production.  Mr. Teten and his students spent the day visiting local businesses and raising awareness to help others learn to stand up for the FFA industry and way of life.  The FFA would appreciate your support by using #VoiceforAg in all your social media efforts to get others involved in Wyoming agriculture.


Libbey Elementary Begins the
Day with a Breakfast Party

Libbey Elementary held a breakfast party on Wednesday, January 28th to celebrate their achievement in meeting their individual goals. 

Everyone had a great time and the pancakes were delicious!


Libbey Elementary Hosts Family Math Night

Libbey Elementary hosted a fun family math night on Mon., Jan. 26th from 3:30–4:45 pm. The Libbey staff opened up their classrooms and provided addition and subtraction games for the students and their parents to play. The games were on level and enrichment which offered a variety of differentiated learning opportunities.  Students and parents alike enjoyed the evening of learning!  For more photos, please click on our Facebook icon.


PCSD#1 Nurses Want You to Know About Influenza

Influenza Symptoms
Influenza (also known as the flu) is a contagious respiratory illness caused by flu viruses. It can cause mild to severe illness, and at times can lead to death. The flu is different from a cold. The flu usually comes on suddenly. People who have the flu often feel some or all of these symptoms:

  • Fever* or feeling feverish/chills
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue (tiredness)
  • Some people may have vomiting and diarrhea, though this is more common in children than adults.

* It's important to note that not everyone with flu will have a fever.

Flu Complications

Most people who get influenza will recover in a few days to less than two weeks, but some people will develop complications (such as pneumonia) as a result of the flu, some of which can be life-threatening and result in death.
Pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus and ear infections are examples of complications from flu. The flu can make chronic health problems worse. For example, people with asthma may experience asthma attacks while they have the flu.

Please keep your child home from school if exhibiting any of the above symptoms, consult with your primary care provider as needed for questions and concerns related to Influenza illness.

Students Utilize Their Creative Skills at the STEAM Academy

What do you get when you add an “A” to STEM? You get an artistic and creative look at science, technology, engineering and math while creating an environment where students thrive.  On Tuesday, Jan 13th, approximately 30 students gathered to expand this creativeness at the STEAM Academy.  PCSD#1 believes that the STEAM focus, done right, works so well that it creates an “award-winning” school.  For more information concerning meeting times and details of current projects, please call Helena Wagner, STEAM Coordinator, at 307-331-3993 or email

Pictured on the left are Rachel, Brooke, and Rebecca carefully constructing the car
that will later be programmed to run on its own. For more photos, please click on our
Facebook icon.

WHS Students Travel to Samoa

Over an extended Christmas break, WHS students Audrey Lucas and Wes Taylor joined WHS teacher Chase Christensen on a cultural exchange to Samoa.  The trip was funded by the U.S. State Department through the American Youth Leadership Program.  Wyoming 4-H administered the trip.  Wes and Audrey were 2 of 21 students from across the western U.S. invited to participate.  In Samoa they had the opportunity to stay with families in villages.  They were able to develop a depth of understanding that most travelers are unable to reach.  All three participants had a great time.  Wyoming 4-H is continuing to sponsor similar trips.  This summer they will travel to Ghana.  Several WHS students had interviews this month to attempt to earn a spot on this trip.  The following summer will also be a trip to Ghana; applications will likely be due in early December and can be accessed here. We would encourage students to apply for this great experience.  Parents, similarly, this is a once in a lifetime experience for your child, please consider having them apply.

Pictured from left to right are Audrey Lucas, Wes Taylor and
WHS Educator, Chase Christensen.

West Elementary Presents the Man in the Mirror Awards


The Man in the Mirror Award is presented to students who demonstrate six character traits; trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. Not only do these students demonstrate these traits consistently, they go above and beyond what is expected of them. Congratulations to each student!



Platte County School District #1 Wellness Policy under Review

Platte County School District #1 wellness policy is currently under review.  We are seeking community involvement to support our efforts in the wellness policy revisions.   Our main focus in the revised wellness policy will be to include measurable goals for our students.   Joel McDaniel, Business Manager, is the contact person and will be in charge of implementing changes to the revised policy.  Please click here to view our current wellness policy.   If you are interested in participating with this effort, please call Joel at 307-322-3175 ext. 1003. Tentative schedule for this meeting will be Wednesday,
January 21st or Thursday, January 22nd at 4:00 pm.


PCSD#1 Welcomes New Payroll Clerk

The Business Office would like to introduce Stefanie Anderson as our new Payroll Clerk.  She comes to us from Bank of the West where she has been the Customer Service Manager for the past 2 years.

Stefanie is married to Nathan and they have 2 children. Ella is a 1st grader at Libbey Elementary, and Karson is 4 years old. Stefanie has been with us since the first of January and if you haven't met her yet, please stop by and introduce yourself! You may also contact her at extension 1006.




Santa Visits Libbey Elementary


Students at Libbey Elementary got an early surprise from Santa on
Friday, Dec 19th. Everyone agrees that giving that holiday memory and a chance to meet Santa is a special treat for the students, all the teachers and staff.  What a great way to start the Christmas break.




Glendo Students Get Creative with Indian History


Glendo elementary students completed their Indian history class with a unique project.  The students constructed war sticks also known as memory sticks.  Judging from the photo, the students had a good time making each war stick their very own.

A special thanks to Mrs. Hamar for all of her help with this creative project!  The students had a great time.



West Students Teach Us About New Math Program

In a video put together by West teacher and Instructional Facilitator Alexis Riehl, West Elementary students show us how they are developing problem-solving abilities working with the district's new EnVision math series. Future staff and parent education sessions are being planned to help teachers and parents work together to best prepare our kids. Thank you to all parents that attended the recent Parent Math night.

Click Here to watch a video of the 2014 December Math Night at West Elementary.

Do You Hear What I Hear? 

Christmas Concerts scheduled for Platte County School District #1

This time of year, you can't go anywhere without hearing music. From the carolers on the street to the commercials on your television, old familiar tunes pervade the air. They also fill our schools. In choir and band rooms, students and teachers are diligently preparing for their upcoming holiday concerts. Enjoy the pictures below and remember to click on our Facebook icon for more photos.




Chugwater Hosts Their Christmas Concert

On Wednesday, December 17th, Chugwater Schools held their annual Christmas Concert.  Students from Kindergarten up to High School participated in the event.  The concert included singing of Christmas carols, duets, solo performances for both singing and instrument playing, and a wonderful performance by the school band.  

Mrs. Maue, Chugwater Music Instructor, worked hard with the students in order to prepare for the concert, and we want to send a big "Thank You" out to her. For more photos, please click on our Facebook icon.

Libbey Kindergartners Perform Christmas Favorites

On Dec. 16th @6:30 pm the Libbey Kindergartners performed Christmas favorites for their families and friends.
The pictures tell the story with all of its wonder and excitement of the season!   Please click on our Facebook icon to view all the photos of last night’s program.




West Band & Choir Ring in the Christmas Season to a Full Housewest



On December 9th, the West Band and Choir performed their Christmas selections to a full house.
Under the direction of Kathy Collins, West Music Instructor, the students shared the Spirit of the Season with everyone who attended!


WHS Reschedules Upcoming
Parent Meeting Night

The Tuesday, December 16 Parent meeting at 5:30 pm in the HS Library has been cancelled due to other conflicting school activities.  The next parent meeting will be Wednesday, January 21 at 5:30 pm in the HS Library.  We’ll see you there!



Glendo Students Compete in “We the People”

On December 8th, Glendo’s  junior class competed in the “We the People” district simulated congressional hearing competition in Casper. There were 15 schools around the state that vied for one of the six places to go to the state competition in Laramie. Our students joined forces with Arvada-Clairmont students to have an eligible number of students to compete. Glendo students created (12) four minute position papers that responded to questions about the origins of the Constitution and the application of the Constitution. The judges asked the team to present one of their prepared responses for each of the units and when they finished presenting their paper they had to defend it by answering questions from the judges. Our team represented our PCSD#1 very well.



WHS Drama Club Attends State

The club competed in the State Drama Tournament held Dec 4 -6 at Camplex in Gillette.  The cast brought home seven all-state medals and sixteen Honorable Mentions.  The team placed fourth in Arena and fourth in Proscenium with
“The Trojan Women.” 
All-state medals in Proscenium were awarded to Kelsy Begin, Braiden Denny, Emily Teter and Amelia Winter.  The rest of the cast were awarded Honorable Mentions.  They include Bryce Carpenter, Kassi Carpenter, Hannah Crowley, Salvador Jimenez, Mickenzi Loyd, Charity May, Pryce Millikin, Roman Smith and Craig Stephens. 

Honorable Mentions in Arena went to Kassi Carpenter and Charity May.

Individuals placing in the make-up categories include Kelsy Begin with a third place medal in second year realistic, Brittany Prather with a seventh in third year realistic and Emily Teter with a fourth place finish in third year fantasy.  The three girls received all-state medals.  Hannah Crowley placed twelfth in third year Costume design and entered in second year Publicity.
Kelsy Begin and Charity May garnered Honorable Mentions and seventh place in Dramatic Two-person scene, while Mickenzi Loyd and Pryce Millikin brought home Honorable Mentions and thirteenth place in Comedic Two-person scene.  Amelia Winter competed in Comedic Monologues.  Caleb Prather and Curt Stephens attended the tournament as the technical crew for the cast.

Coaches Merlin Hitt and Kalyn Krotz were extremely proud of the team, and of the effort and dedication of all the actors.


Libbey PTO Provides a Tasty Treat for Staff



The Libbey Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) went over and beyond their definition of a formal organization that includes volunteerism of parents, encouragement of teachers and students, community involvement, and welfare of students and families.  On Tuesday, Dec 9th, the Libbey PTO provided a hot chocolate bar for the teachers, support staff, principal, custodians and paras. What a wonderful way to say “thank-you” and “stay warm”!



Libbey Decorates Classroom Doors for Christmas



Libbey Elementary has been very busy decorating their classroom doors for Christmas. Featured in the photos are just a couple of the doors that remind us of the upcoming season.

Libbey welcomes anyone to stop by and take a look at more decorated doors!




The Christmas Season Kicks-Off with the WMS DARE Float

The Wheatland Middle School students proudly displayed their DARE float on Friday, Nov. 28th at the parade in downtown Wheatland.  The WMS students have been learning about the DARE program from Wheatland Police Officer Otte who has been teaching a 10 week DARE class on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to 6th and 8th graders.  WMS appreciates the willingness from Officer Otte to teach their students the importance of the DARE program. 

The WMS wishes to extend a big thank you to Consolidated Manufacturing Enterprises for donating the trailer and making the stands for the reindeer. WMS also would like to thank Drubes for donating the Christmas tree. The tree was decorated using ornaments that the students brought.

The tree was later donated to a family in Wheatland.  Very special thanks to Officer Otte and Katrina Crossland for all their help decorating the float.  Several 6th and 8th graders rode on the float and enjoyed the ride!
For more photos, please click on our Facebook icon.  

Next STEM Advisory Council Meeting Scheduled

New Advisory Council Members Welcome to Attend

PCSD#1 will have their next STEM Advisory Council meeting on Tuesday, December 2nd at 6:30pm in the WMS library. Please feel free to invite additional community members with interest in the discussion and implementation of STEM activities in Platte County schools. Below is a tentative agenda for the meeting:

  1. Continued discussion of STEM literacy and District vision
    1. What is STEM literacy?
    2. Expectations for PCSD #1 students in school system and in preparing to leave school system
    3. How do we prepare students?
  1. Update on STEAM Academy and other STEM programs in the District
    1. Budget Overview
    2. Personnel/Staffing Situation
    3. Parent Night and Student Recruitment
    4. Community Outreach

Our STEAM Academy parent night will be on Thursday, December 4th at 6:30 (until approximately 7:30) in the WMS all-purpose room and library. The evening will mostly be used to recruit participants through a brief presentation, demonstrations and activities. STEM-oriented local community groups are invited to participate in hosting activities and/or distributing information regarding their role in the community. If you can, please join us!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we hope to see you next Tuesday!

West Students Prepare for the Thanksgiving Holiday


Mrs. Dickinson's 3rd grade class put on a short play and read seasonal poetry for guests on Tuesday Nov 25th. The play and poetry helped everyone who attended get into the Thanksgiving spirit!

For more photos, please click on our Facebook icon.



Libbey Students Host the Thanksgiving Reader's Theatre

Mrs. Preuit’s 1st grade reading class performed in a Thanksgiving Reader’s Theatre for many of their parents on Monday morning Nov 24th. 

The students recited several poems and sang a few songs to prepare us for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  


PCSD#1 Celebrates Thanksgiving

Platte County School District #1 will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday from Nov 26th – Nov 30th. Students and staff will return to school on Mon Dec 1st.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is here, so our minds have turned
To what time has taught us, to what we've learned,
We often focus all our thought
On shiny things we've shopped and bought.
We take our pleasure in material things,
Forgetting the pleasure that friendship brings.
If a lot of our stuff just vanished today,
We'd see the foundation of each happy day
Is special relationships, constant and true,
And that's when our thoughts go directly to you.
We wish you a Thanksgiving you'll never forget,
Full of love and joy—your best one yet!

Wheatland High School Drama Club Presents

The Wheatland High School Drama Club is proud to present "The Trojan Women" and will start performances tonight,
Thursday, Nov. 20 @7:00 p.m. and perform again on Friday, Nov. 21 @7:00 p.m. and a final performance on Sat, Nov. 22 @2:00p.m.
Tickets for adults will be $5.00 and for students $3.00. This production has been rated PG-13. We look forward to seeing you there!

School Board Chairman Chuck Ruwart Named to Wyoming All State School Board

Kelly Tyson Earns WSBA Hall of Fame Honors

Congratulations to Platte County School District #1 Board Chairman Chuck Ruwart on being selected to the Wyoming All State School Board for 2014. He is one of five school board members from across all 48 districts in the state to receive this award.

Chairman Ruwart was nominated and selected in recognition of leading several recent board initiatives including the Wyoming School Board Association’s (WSBA) Leadership and Governance Training, recent budget reduction efforts and policy and communication changes implemented to strengthen the district. He also received the WSBA 2012 Award of Distinction and has served as Advocacy Liaison for four year in school legislative matters. Ruwart has been a board member since 2004, serving as chairman the past three years. He is active on many local and national boards and serves our local community in many other ways through his volunteering efforts.

Chairman Ruwart will be presented with the All State School Board award at the Wyoming School Board Association banquet held Thursday evening, November 20. Other Platte #1 School Board members that will also be recognized at the WSBA Conference include outgoing member Kelly Tyson who has earned the WSBA Hall of Fame Honors award and Leadership in Learning award. Board member Beth Hendon-Shepard and outgoing member Clara Powers will receive the WSBA's Award of Distinction.


Plan to Attend the Libbey Elementary Book Fair Nov. 17-21

Libbey Elementary is preparing for their upcoming Annual Book Fair to be held November 17th-21st.

The hours for the Book Fair will be 8:00-4:30 Mon-Thurs. and 7:30-1:30pm on Friday.
There will be a special family event on Thursday, Nov. 20th from 5:30-7:00 pm

The schedule of events are as follows:

Spirit Week all Week Long

Monday: Prince/princess/knight/maidens or dragons theme
Tuesday: Wacky hair/hat day
Wednesday: Inside out and/or backwards day
Thursday: Pajama Day
Friday: Sports day: Favorite sports team or bulldog colors

Mark your calendars now for the fun and surprises!

PCSD#1 Schools Will Serve Those Who Serve Our Country

The PCSD#1 Schools will honor our veterans with celebrations throughout the district tomorrow. The Wheatland High School invites all Veterans to attend a coffee and roll breakfast on Tuesday, November 11th, at 7:00 am in the Wheatland High School Commons area.  A Veteran’s day program will follow at 8:00 am in the High School Auditorium and will last approximately one hour.  The Chugwater Schools will begin their celebration at 1:00 pm in the Chugwater Elementary School Cafeteria.  
The Glendo Schools will be hosting the 2014 American Legion annual Veteran’s Day breakfast tomorrow @6:45 am in the small gym. 
The entire school district would like to take this opportunity to honor our veterans and thank them for their service, and extend an invitation to each Veteran to join us on this special day.  
For more details of activities at each school, please click on our Facebook icon.

Author of Sammy Keyes novels visits Wheatland Middle School

The author of the popular Sammy Keys mystery novels, Wendelin Van Draanen, stopped by the Wheatland Middle School last Friday, October 31 with a ton of energy and an inspirational message for the students. Van Draanen was sponsored by The Wandering Hermit, the new bookstore and coffeehouse in downtown Wheatland.

In addition to telling the story of how she grew to love books and eventually becoming a highly successful author, Ms. Draanen inspired the middle school students to “work hard and dream big.” Her high energy talk kept her audience on the edge of their chairs as she talked about the inspirations for popular Sammy Keyes series and her book “Flipped” that was a hit with a young girl in California who read it to her dad – movie producer Rob Reiner – who now is making plans to bring it to the big screen.

For more information on Ms. Draanen and books she has written, click here. A special thanks to Dan Brecht and The Wandering Hermit for sponsoring this event. Ms. Draanen’s books have been popular selections at West Elementary and the Wheatland Middle School.


National School Psychology Awareness Week:
Helping Staff and Families Support Students to Thrive in School and Beyond

As parents and educators, we share the goal to help our children thrive in school, at home, and in life. This includes ensuring their safety and well-being, helping them build positive relationships, providing opportunities to gain new knowledge and skills, and encouraging them to take on challenges and persevere when things get tough. Working together, we can promote their competence, achievement, and resiliency. 

To highlight these goals, Platte County School District #1 will be participating in National School Psychology Awareness Week, November 10–14, 2014. The theme is “Strive. Grow. Thrive!
Helping families and schools implement activities and programs that help children develop resilience, skills, and hopefulness is one of the main goals of School Psychology Awareness Week. There are many ways parents can help children take on new challenges; learn new skills; and feel protected, respected, and valued. As parents, you can:

  • Encourage your child to set goals and to map out a plan for achieving.
  • Help your child internalize a sense that he can achieve by reinforcing the skills already developed and encouraging him to try new challenges.
  • Emphasize that learning and growing requires trying new things and that success comes from small steps to a long-term goal.
  • Help her work through setbacks or lack of self-confidence by helping her identify negative thoughts that may suggest concerns about her ability to be successful. As a parent, you can help her see what the small steps are and how persisting and overcoming obstacles is a part of succeeding.
  • Praise attempts as well as success and make sure that you focus on the effort put into the success.
  • Create an environment at home that allows your child to explore building (blocks, helping with projects, and more) drawing (crayons, finger paints, paper) and music (on the radio, with children’s instruments, or through formal training). 
  • Demonstrate through your own behaviors how to try new challenging activities in sports, the arts, or school subjects and use problem solving and decision making skills by thinking aloud.
  • Model the joy of learning by reading about a variety of topics with your children and let them know that you, too, are learning new things.
  • Model perseverance and problem solving when faced with challenges or difficulties.
  • Help your child develop positive relationships with peers and adults and model respectful, caring behaviors with others.

Partner with me, Annastashia Malcolm, and together we can help your child to Strive, Grow, and Thrive! I am your school psychologist and look forward to working with you and Platte County School District #1 to encourage all children, whether at home or at school, to focus on their interests, challenge themselves with new things, and learn positive prosocial behaviors. School psychologists are members of the school team that support students’ ability to learn and teachers’ ability to teach. We apply expertise in mental health, learning, and behavior to help children and youth succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally. We provide direct support and interventions to students, such as learning assessments, academic and behavioral interventions, counseling, and social skills training. We also consult with teachers, families, and other educators to improve support strategies and school-wide practices and policies. To contact me, please call 307-322-3175.

Libbey Kindergartners Reach Their Goal


Kindergarten finished their 1st data wall for this year and Libbey is happy to report that they met their goal! The Kindergartners were working on oral letter recognition.  Libbey is now working on two data walls, letter sounds and number recognition 0 – 20 with another goal of completing both by the end of the 2nd quarter.   
We’re proud of our Kindergartners!



Platte #1 Parent Perception Survey Announcement

Platte County School District #1 schools invite parents and guardians to complete a school perception survey.  The information gathered by the survey is used to improve schools and the District.   We value your opinion and ask that you take the time to complete a parent survey for each school that your children attend by Friday, Nov 7th.  You may access the survey online (click here) or you may contact us to request a paper copy of the survey. Please be assured that your responses to this survey will be anonymous.
Paper surveys are available at the District office and each school.  The paper surveys are available in other languages including Spanish (Española).  The paper survey and answer form may be dropped off or mailed to any school office or the District office. 
Your honest opinion is appreciated. We want to thank you in advance for answering the survey questions as we work together to improve learning and to help each child to “Reach the Peak”.

Libbey Hosts Awards Assembly

Libbey Elementary held their 1st quarter awards assembly on October 28th.  Awards given out included: Turning homework in every week, learning letter names, increasing their decoding skills, reading race, summer reading awards from PTO, passing levels on the Lexia program and a drawing for BARK bucks turned in. 

Congratulations to all our students for working hard during the 1st quarter!
For more photos, please click on our Facebook icon. 



Libbey First Graders Reach Their Goal


First grade celebrates reaching their goal of fluent decoding. 
As each student met their goal, they were able to move their fall leaf off the tree as they "Fell into Fluency".   Congratulations first grade! 




WHS Girls Volleyball Team Defeats Rawlins

The WHS Girls Volleyball team played their last home game against Rawlins on Saturday October 25th.  Rawlins had a perfect record until confronted by the Wheatland High School Girls’ Volleyball team! Wheatland beat Rawlins in five games for the victory.  Regionals begin this Friday, Oct. 31st, in Worland. 

Pictured on the court are:  Carrie Hanks, Ellen Anderson, Danielle Haroldson, Katie Phifer, and Samantha Britz.

Good Luck at Regionals!



PCSD#1 Band, Choir, and Bash Students Perform Their First Concert of the Year

Band, Choir, and Bash students had a successful first concert of the year on Thursday evening, 10/23. The Bash group played a great piece performing on buckets in the dark. The Band and Jazz Band played a wide variety of music: classical concert music, old classic jazz, and even music that you hear on the radio today. The choirs had a fabulous performance as well. The Concert Choir truly connected with the audience on a personal level, with themes of patriotism, unity, and enjoyment of music. The Entertainers lived up to their name showcasing their harmonies while singing a Korean folk song. They showed off their well-rounded musical abilities when members of the choir accompanied their peers by playing drums. The evening was concluded with a performance of “Chattanooga Choo-Choo,” featuring one student on the train whistle.

It was a fun and exciting start to the musical year of 2014-2015, and directors Evan Bradley and Teresa Liechti would like to thank everyone from the community who came out to support Wheatland’s student musicians.
For more photos, please click on our Facebook icon.

Parade Kicks Off today's Homecoming Festivities

Floats, firemen and a festival atmosphere were everywhere as Wheatland High School follwed the yellow brick road through downtown starting at 1 pm this afternoon. This year's theme of "There's no place like Homecoming" was creatively on display by all class floats and others participating.

The parade is the first of many activities planned for the final day of Homecoming 2014. A pep rally was held at 2 pm, followed by the burning of the "W", the volleyball matches vs. Newcastle in the afternoon and the football game this evening starting at 7 pm. Homecoming activities will officially end with the semi-formal Homecoming Dance tomorrow (Saturday) night starting at 9 pm.

Check out our Facebook page for more pictures. Thanks to all who helped make this homecoming successful!




Glendo Students Learn about Physics

Mr. Blankenship, Glendo Science Educator, demonstrated to his physics class how a simple machine can make work easier and multiply force.

The 4th & 5th grades participated as a follow up on their simple machines science projects.


PCSD #1 Wellness Program 2014-2015

This year the wellness program for PCSD #1 will focus on physical activity, wellness awareness, proper nutrition, and injury/illness prevention. Prizes will be given out monthly through random drawings of names of participants who have completed the monthly challenge.  Each month a new challenge will begin and have a different wellness related focus.  Challenge tracking completion forms will be available through google drive, if you are planning on participating, please email your nurse so we can share the forms with you. Submit your daily response for nurses to track. If you miss a day, fill it out when you remember.  Drawings will be held on the last Friday of the month.   

If anyone is interested in participating in a weight loss challenge this year, please email your building nurse with interest and we will get something going as a group.
The wellness program challenge started on October 13th but you may participate at anytime; it’s never too late. The October challenge is to drink 8 8 oz. of water daily for the remainder of the month.


Wheatland High School Announces 2014 Homecoming Royalty









On Tuesday, October 13th, the Wheatland High School hosted their Homecoming Week Coronation. Pictured are the
2014 Homecoming Royalty Results from left to right:

Seniors; Queen Courtney Stone; King Kendrick Jackson
Juniors; Princess Nikki Horblit; Prince Daichi Akatsuka
Sophomores; Attendants Avery Hanks and Josh Madsen
Freshman Paige’s; Rachel Battershell and Zac Gunter


Band Students Tour the Denver Center for the Performing Arts

Band students from Glendo, Wheatland, and Chugwater High Schools traveled to Denver early Saturday morning, 10/11, to tour the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and to watch the Blue Man Group live in concert!  They toured through most of the theatrical stages and into the Buell Theater and the Ellie Calkins Opera House. 

Students also got to spend a lot of time back stage seeing some of the elements that go into a production before, during, and in-between shows. Afterwards, students ate lunch on the 16th Street Mall in down-town Denver before coming back to see the concert.  The students LOVED getting to experience the Blue Man Group Live!  Most of the students commented that they had watched (and loved) the videos of the Blue Man Group with subs since about 3rd grade, so to see them in real life was like a dream-come-true!
For more photos please click on our Facebook icon.


Platte #1 Awarded 21st Century Learning Grant, STEM Advisory Meeting Set to Discuss

Platte County School District #1 has learned that they have been awarded the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant from the Wyoming Department of Education. The grant will be implemented initially at West Elementary and the Wheatland Middle School to increase STE(A)M opportunities for students. The grant is for up to five years and will provide funding for instructors, equipment and supplies for outside of school activities.

Afterschool programs could begin in January for our 3-8 grade students to expand their interest and knowledge in the areas of science, technology, engineering, art and math with plans to expand programs during the summer months. Administrators and the local grant coordinator, Helena Wagner, will be meeting this Friday morning to discuss implementation further.

A major part of that implementation will be relying on information and input from the district's STEM Advisory Council. The council will meet on Tuesday, October 28 at 6:30 pm at the Wheatland Middle School. Topics to be discussed include:
1) Define STEM and STEM education in our schools (STEM Literacy).
2) Develop a STEM Vision for our school district.
3) Define what a STEM literate student is?
4) Develop a reasonable timeline for implementation.
5) Discuss the 21st century grant (supply a brief overview of grant).

The district is still looking for additional community members that would like to become involved if you are interested in attending or you can contact Vicki Begin (West Principal), Steve Loyd (WMS Principal) or Dennis Fischer to volunteer.

Glendo Students Celebrate Fire Safety Prevention Week

The Douglas Volunteer Fire Department visited Glendo Schools on Monday, 10/13, and presented a fire safety program.
The students learned valuable safety information and appreciated the Douglas Fire Department taking the time to share their knowledge with each student. 

Pictured are the Glendo K-8th grades.


West Learns all about Fire Safety Prevention

West Elementary would like to thank the Wheatland Volunteer Fire Department for coming to their school to teach 3rd-5th grade students many different fire safety rules. The students now know how to stop, drop, and roll to suffocate the flames when their clothes are on fire. They also learned a lot about what they should do for their town and community. Not only do the fire fighters take fire calls but, they also help the ambulance with wrecks.





Everyone agreed that it was really cool to use the fire hose outside so they could feel how heavy and powerful the hose really is. Students learned that if there is too much heat you can fan the water on the hose to make a shield to block the heat and protect the firefighters. It was awesome to see that there was a hose on top of the truck and it could stop the neighbor’s house from catching on fire. Thank you once again Wheatland Fire Department for your time and valuable training to all of us at West!  

West Students Attend Annual Ag Expo


On Thursday, October 9th, West 3rd & 4th graders attended the annual Ag Expo at the Top Hat Arena.

The students learned about the world of agriculture from our local community members.  The day was full of livestock, farming equipment and lots of questions from curious students. For more photos, click on our Facebook icon.



Platte #1 Standardized Test Results Mirror or Below State

Platte County #1 received Spring 2014 PAWS test scores for students in grades 3-8 and ACT results for 11th. Students were tested in March 2014 with content covering the new Wyoming State Standards in Reading, Writing, Math and Science. The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) had been cautioning that comparing student test scores to previous years would be difficult because of the significance of the changes in the tests. Our website has additional information from the WDE regarding the changes.

Overall, Platte #1 students scored above state average on eight of the tests, below average on 7 and roughly equivalent on two others. Areas of strength in the district included last year's 8th grade class, which scored significantly above average on all three tests, and on the state's writing test, where 7th graders scored significantly above the average.

High school results correlated to recent ACT test results that showed students behind their peers across the state. The 11th grade percentages are calculated using the ACT suite of tests beginning in 9th grade with the ACT Explore test. The Explore, Plan and ACT tests are compared to determine growth. Readiness is also calculated by factoring in graduation rate, readiness (as measured by the ACT suite), 9th grade credits earned, and eligibility for the Hathaway Scholarship. For more information on calculation of the 11th grade proficiency click here.

The district will be reviewing trends in all subject areas to determine ways to improve student achievement. Individual schools have been discussing results with staff already and with their building improvement teams. The school board will be reviewing and discussing the data during board work sessions beginning in October. The district will continue to review the curriculum in all areas to evaluate their ability to meet the current and future needs of our students. PCSD#1 adopted and is currently implementing a new math curriculum across the district that better meets the rigors and standards of the new tests.


Wheatland High School Golf Team Places 3rd at State

The Wheatland High School Golf Team ended their season with a 3rd place finish at the 3A State Tournament held in Cody Wyoming this past Friday and Saturday, 9/26 & 9/27.  Their two day team total was 687.   The score reflects a total team effort, all five players scores were used at least once during the tournament. Only 4 strokes separated 1st and 3rd place.  Pinedale won the tournament with a 683, and Torrington was second with a 685 total. 

The Bulldogs were led by Senior Patrick Ruwart.  Ruwart shot a personal best of 161 for the two days.  His play earned him 5th place and All State Honors.  Patrick couldn’t have picked a better time to put a career best tournament in the books.

Pinedale’s Jordan Costello won the tournament with an amazing 11 under par today total of 133.  Undoubtable his score is a record for 3A golf.

The boys in the picture left to right are Connor Madsen, Riley Wright, Chase Cochran, Patrick Ruwart and Matt Hixson.

Libbey Celebrates Their Reading Rodeo

Libbey celebrated the end of their summer reading program with an awards assembly on Tuesday, Sep 30th.  Libbey had a drawing for a prize package, which included some picture books and a Kindle Fire!

Students had different ways of being able to get their name in for the drawing. They could have completed any of the following during the summer; the Libbey PTO summer reading calendar, Libbey’s math practice calendar, Summer Skills books, and working on Lexia. If they completed and returned their work, their names were put into the drawing. Libbey had 84 students total who participated in their summer reading program!

Libbey’s winner for the prize package was Wyatt Fitzwater.  For more photos, please click on our Facebook icon.


Congratulations to Colt and Maryann Goff


On September 16th @8:43 pm, Colt Goff, WHS PE Instructor, and his wife, Maryann,
welcomed a new little baby girl, Araea. Araea weighed in @ 6 lbs and 5 oz.

As shown in the picture, Araea is welcomed by her sisters, 4 year old Raelyn and
18 month old Raena. All of the PCSD#1 family shares in their joy.


Wyoming Measures Up Toolkit Available

In preparation for the release of the Spring, 2014 PAWS tests scores, the Wyoming Department of Education has released additional information regarding the test, which reflects the updated Wyoming State Standards and the Accountability Legislation passed by the Wyoming Legislature. A print brochure gives a general overview of how “Wyoming Measures Up” and the responsibilities of the Federal Government, State Government and local board. The “Wyoming Measures Up” website provides more in-depth information on ways we all are trying to improve education for our children. The "Wyoming Measures Up" website will be live and accessible the week of September 28, 2014. In addition, the Wyoming Department of Education is providing an informational toolkit to school districts in an effort to assist communication efforts with community stakeholders concerning the 2014 PAWS scores and other topics in Wyoming education.  All materials for the toolkit are easily accessed by clicking on the links below.

Materials available include:
•    Three Frequently Asked Question sheets with answers to common questions about accountability, assessment, and standards.
•    Two PowerPoint presentations. The A-level version provides a simple framework to kick off discussion among parents and others outside the education system. The B-level version is more detailed and is intended to facilitate more in-depth discussions. Customizable tem- plate slides are provided in both and we encourage you to personalize the message.

Supplemental materials and website will communicate changes in education

The Wyoming Measures Up toolkit is the first step in providing districts with timely and comprehensive communication resources concerning current issues in Wyoming education.

For more information regarding the toolkit or Wyoming Measures Up, please contact Travis Hoff at or
307-777-2053. For more information regarding assessment please contact Deb Lindsey at or 307-777-5296.


Libbey Hosts Back to School Night

Libbey hosted their back to school night on Monday, Sept 15th from 5:30 – 6:30 pm.

Many parents visited the classrooms and became acquainted with their children’s teachers and the new staff.

Parents and teachers will get a chance to visit again during Parent/Teacher Conferences, which are only a month away.

Parents also got a chance to view and explore the new renovations at Libbey
including the new art room, library, and updated computer lab. 
Thanks to all who attended!

Tips for Parents Concerning the Enterovirus 68

In recent weeks, the national news has alerted the population about thousands of children across the United States that  have been getting hit with the Enterovirus 68 and causing parents nationwide to worry about the illness.  Most people who are infected with the virus do not get sick, or they only have mild illness. The problem with this virus is that it is very difficult to distinguish between the virus and the symptoms of a common cold.  If your child has symptoms of a cold that get progressively worse in a very short time, please consult your physician immediately. Currently there are no documented cases in Platte County, per our county health officer
Dr. Steve Peasley.

Children with Asthma or other respiratory illness/issues are at a higher risk of becoming ill with this virus.

Symptoms of mild EnteroVirus 68 illness include:

  • Fever
  • Runny nose, sneezing, cough
  • Skin rash
  • Mouth blisters
  • Body and muscle aches

Enterovirus 68 can be transmitted through feces, eye, nose, and mouth secretions (such as saliva, nasal mucus, or sputum), or blister fluids.  A person can be exposed by having close contact with an infected person such as, touching or shaking hands, touching objects or surfaces that have the virus on them, or changing the diapers of an infected person. 

Prevention Tips

  • NO vaccine available
  • Washing hands often with soap and water
  • Avoiding close contact such as shaking hands with people who are sick
  • Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces
Keep children home from school when exhibiting illness symptoms.

Why are the MAP tests useful to students, parents, & teachers?

This is a great question.  The Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) tests provide timely and immediately usable information for students, parents, teachers, and schools.  The immediate results provide students and teachers with information to set goals for improvement for the upcoming year.  The fall test results are also used along with other data to help group students for enrichments and additional support.  The timely results also provide classroom teachers with information about the student’s instructional needs.

Since the MAP tests are adaptive it measures each student’s individual growth The MAP tests provide students, parents, and teachers the opportunity to set goals and to celebrate the success of their efforts during the school year with a valid comparison to the previous Fall.  MAP tests are one of the key tools that is used in multiple ways to benefit our students.

Fall MAP Testing Starts Soon

The Measures of Academic Progress or MAP tests are adaptive tests in reading, math, and language usage that are done on a computer.   Kindergarten and first grade students complete auditory versions of the test on the computer in reading and math.  .  Second grade will only do the reading and math tests while third grade through tenth grade will take tests in reading, math, and language usage.  WMS students will also be doing a science test to help evaluate the impact of the STEM program.  The MAP tests typically take between 45-60 minutes per test.  Each school has developed their MAP testing schedule so the tests are completed by October 3. 

The MAP tests are adaptive so a child’s academic gains may be measured whether they are beyond, at, or below grade level.   This helps provides information that each child is learning and making academic gains.   The tests adjust questions based on each answer.  Each child will have some questions that they know the answer to and some questions that they won’t know the answer to.   The MAP tests are developed to provide information about a child’s instructional needs and growth over time.  Only on very rare occasions, should a child take significantly longer time to complete a test.  If a child doesn’t know an answer, they should use their test skills and make a “best” guess and move on to the next question.   This helps make sure that the instructional level is accurate.

MAP data is available for students and teachers immediately after they finish the test.  Additional reports are available for teachers within days after the test.  Parents and guardians will receive individual student reports that will be mailed with report cards.  Parents and guardians will be able to see how their child has performed from Fall to Spring and grade level to grade level. 

PCSD #1 looking for Volunteers to STEM Advisory Committee

PCSD #1 is organizing a STEM advisory committee to assist the district in determining ways to better serve our students and our community. Wheatland Middle School will be hosting a meeting at 6:30 pm Thursday, September 4 to help us answer several questions including “Why is STEM important?”, “What is our definition of STEM?”, “What STEM subjects should we be focusing on?” and “What should our goal be?” STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It has become a state and national initiative to help fill the many career openings available in STEM areas.

Any student, parent, educator or community member interested in helping us develop a clearer vision for our community and provide input on possible grant and funding applications are invited to attend the meeting at the Middle School Thursday night. If you cannot attend the meeting but would still like to be a member of the advisory council, you can contact Steve Loyd at or Dennis Fischer at .

PCSD#1 Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge, sometimes called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, is an activity involving dumping a bucket of ice water on one's head or donating to the ALS Association in the United States. It went viral throughout social media during the Northern Hemisphere summer of 2014.   

On Monday, August 18th, PCSD#1 Administrators demonstrated their willingness to support the ALS. 
Click Here
to view from left to right are Superintendent Dennis Fischer, WHS Principal Frank Jesse, Vice-Principal Josh Sandlian, Chugwater Principal George Kopf and Curriculum Director Scott James.

SES Information Night Scheduled at Libbey and West Elementaries

Libbey Elementary and West Elementary will be hosting a Supplemental Education Services (SES) Information Night on Tuesday, September 2 at the West Elementary Gym starting at 5:30 PM.  This meeting will provide additional information about SES, request procedures, and information SES approved providers.  It is anticipated that the meeting will take 30 minutes.
SES services are provided to eligible students by providing additional tutoring from outside vendors referred to as service providers.  Parents of eligible students may select a SES provider from the State Approved list or may request assistance from the District.  Additional information about the SES providers services may be found at the WDE Title IA webpage under SES Provider Descriptions.  Additional information is also located on this website regarding Title IA, SES, and School Choice for Platte #1 schools
Please contact the Libbey Elementary and West Elementary principals or the District Office for questions and additional information.

No Early Release Friday, August 22

First Early Release To Be Friday August 29 and Subsequent Fridays

Just a reminder that Platte County School District #1 has altered their daily schedule slightly for this school year. This Friday, August 22 will NOT be an early release day to allow all students to get through full A & B days before altering their schedule. Again, school will release at the normal 3:25 time this Friday. On Friday, August 29 and subsequent Fridays school will release at 2 pm.

Thank you and have a great start to the school year.

Platte County School District #1 Will Begin Classes Aug 21

Chugwater, Glendo and Wheatland schools will begin at times listed below.
All schools will release at 3:25 pm Monday-Thursday.  On Fridays, school will release at 2:00 pm

If you need information in reference to the school your child will be attending,
please phone the individual school at:

Chugwater School 8:00 am 422-3501
Glendo School  8:00 am 735-4471
Libbey Elementary 8:10 am 322-3836
West Elementary 8:05 am 322-4180
Middle School 8:00 am 322-1518
Wheatland High 7:55 am 322-2075

Bus Routes – Does your child know which bus they will be riding and when?
Phone the bus garage at 322-3646 for information on bus schedules.

When school is in session please remember to stop for red lights on buses.

New Lunch Prices for 2014-15

There are new lunch prices for the 2014-15 school year. Simply click on the top navigation "Departments" tab on the home page or
any other school home page, then click "Food Service" and you will see "Lunch Prices for 2014-15".

District Office Starts the School Year Schedule

The District Office located at 1350 Oak Street has been on their summer schedule.  

We will resume the regular school year schedule on August 18th, 2014 with the following hours:    

7:30 – 4:00 pm Monday – Friday closing from 12:00 – 1:00 daily. 

We may also be contacted at 322-3175 if you have any questions concerning the school district.
Thank-you and have a wonderful start to the new school year!

Fall Classes Now Available at Eastern Wyoming College

EWC Fall 2014 credit classes start Aug. 25th.  Student registration deadline is Aug. 20th.  Please call EWC Outreach/Community Ed.
To register ASAP for classes.  Please call 322-2433

Upcoming enrichment classes:

Hunter Safety
To hunt in Wyoming you will need to take this course:  Go to
Instructor:  Lisa Letcher
Date:     Sept. 22,23,24,25
Time:     5:00-9:00 p.m.
Cost:      $10
Location:  EWC Outreach Wheatland

Wheatland - Template/3 Column Brochure
Fly Tying Class
Instructor will show you how to use basic equipment for Fly Tying.  Learn how to use tools and techniques for fly tying and then practice 1 or 2 flies.  Supplies included in cost of course.  Students must be registered and paid by Friday Oct. 3, for supply order.
Instructor:  Dave Begin
Date:     T & TH Oct. 14-Oct. 30 (3 weeks)
Time:     6:30-8:00 p.m.
Cost:      $60 
Location :  EWC Outreach Wheatland

Yoga & Yogurt for Lunch
Come for a 30 minute yoga lesson in relaxing poses to release stress with yogurt for lunch included! 
Date:      Wed. Oct             1-29 (5 weeks)
Time:     12:10-12:40
Cost:      $15
Location:  EWC Outreach exercise room

Don’t miss out on Up Coming Events: “Beef it’s What’s for Dinner”:  Oct. 29, at WHS consumer room.  
”Wine and Cheese Pairing”: Thurs. Oct 30, at Vimbo's.

Wheatland Middle School Hosts Home Dance Camp  

On June 23-25 the High School Dance Team aka "Rush Dance" held their Dance Camp at the Wheatland Middle School. The dance camp was made possible with the help of our PCSD#1 teachers and the assistance of the Universal Dance Association. As shown in the pictures below there were lots of smiles and some serious training happening at the Dance Camp!   

WMS Students Win National STEM Competition

WMS students Joey Madsen, Haiden Moody, Christian Moody and Jacob Stafford took first place in the U.S. Army Educational Outreach Program’s 12th annual eCYBERMISSION competition held in Washington DC last week. The students invented a method for converting school locker banks into safety zones to protect students and teachers during tornados. WMS science teacher Miken Harnish led the students through the STEM process to turn their idea into reality.

For a complete story on the students and their partnership with the University of Wyoming, click here.

Photo courtesy of University of Wyoming:
From left are: front, Christian Moody and Haiden Moody; back, Joey Madsen, Miken Harnish (team adviser) and Jacob Stafford.



2014 Wyoming State Finals Rodeo Results








1st Go Results:
Evan Wilhelm placed 1st in Bull Riding, Score = 68
Chloe Ashenhurst, 1st Pole Bending, time = 20.328.
Nevada Starr, 3rd in Bareback, score=57.
Jhett Hadley and partner Trace Steele, 3rd Team Roping, time = 8.45
Matthew Britton & Jace Berger, 6th Team Roping, time = 12.50
Hunter Eller & Brady Thurston, 8th Team Roping, time = 12.94
Teigen Finnerty, 6th Tie-down Calf Roping, time = 12.85

2nd Go Results:

Chloe Ashenhurst, 1st Pole Bending, time = 20.301
Teigen Finnerty & Cody Balleck, 2nd Team Roping, time = 6.81
Teigen Finnerty, 2nd Tie-down Calf Roping, time = 10.35
Teigen Finnerty, 4th Steer Wrestling, time = 13.31
Tyler Erickson, 6th Bareback, score = 53
Average Buckle Winners (average on two runs) = Chloe in Pole Bending, Evan in Bulls.

Qualifying Go Results:

*Top 12 scores from the season are used to determine the top contestants in each event.  These 15 move on into the qualifying round to determine the State Champions and Nationals Qualifiers.
Chloe Ashenhurst, 4th Pole Bending, time = 21.764
Teigen Finnerty & Cody Balleck, 4th Team Roping, time = 12.90
Jhett Hadley, 5th Tie-Down Calf Roping, time = 13.93
Teigen Finnerty, 6th Tie-Down Calf Roping, time = 14.68

State Champions from Wheatland
*State Champions win a Buckle and a saddle (valued at $1395)
Evan Wilhelm, Bull Riding
Chloe Ashenhurst, Pole Bending

We're proud of our Wheatland Rodeo Team!

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