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PCSD#1 Board of Trustees Reviews Policy GCJ

On Monday, May 15, 2017, at the regular Board of Trustees meeting, Policy GCJ (Professional Staff Time Schedules), was reviewed. This policy has been reviewed by the Policy Committee and recommended no language changes at this time. Please click here to
view Policy GCJ. Please call Superintendent Dennis Fischer at 322-3175 or email with any questions you may have.

PCSD#1 Board Trustees Approve 2017 Board Meeting Schedule

At the regularly scheduled board meeting on Monday, Dec 12th, the PCSD#1 Board Trustees approved the 2017 board meeting schedule.  Please click here to view the 2017 schedule.

Free and Reduced Lunch Application Now Online

PCSD#1 is now making it easier for parents to apply for free and reduced lunches.  The free and reduced lunch application is available online.  Log on to your PowerSchool parent account, click on the top right link that states "to register your student for the 2016-2017 school year click here".  This will take you to another page where you will click on the lunch application.  It is above the list of your students.  If you have problems logging on to your PowerSchool, contact the office of the registrar, 307-322-3175 X 5026.

Please click here to view the eligibility requirements for the free and reduced lunches.

Comprehensive Improvement Plans submitted to WDE

Below are links to the Comprehensive Improvement Plans of each of the six Platte County #1 schools. These plans outline the goals and efforts to increase student achievement to meet the Wyoming Accountability in Education Act as set by the legislature. These plans will be submitted for review to the Wyoming Department of Education. Each school will continue to update these plans as a part of our continuous improvement process to help us “Reach the PEAK.” There are many opportunities for staff and community members to be involved in helping us improve. If you are interested, contact a building principal or take advantage of the many opportunities to provide feedback on our efforts.

Libbey Elementary Comprehensive Improvement Plan
West Elementary Comprehensive Improvement Plan
WMS Comprehensive Improvement Plan
WHS Comprehensive Improvement Plan
PEAK HS Comprehensive Improvement Plan

Chugwater Comprehensive Improvement Plan
Glendo Comprehensive Improvement Plan             

Platte #1 Early Literacy Plan

Wyoming has set a goal that 85% of students in grades K-3 meet high standards in reading as measured by the MAP Reading Assessments.   Platte #1 continues to work to help students become better readers.  A key component is our Early Literacy Plan which is part of each elementary school’s improvement plan.  You may view Platte #1’s Early Literacy Plan by clicking here or on the hyperlinked text.  Please contact any of our elementary schools for questions or feedback regarding the Early Literacy Plan.

Lunch Menus Available

For your convenience, you may now click here to view the breakfast and lunch menus.


Keep In Touch With Your Child's School Information

Staying in touch and informed on your son or daughters education is very important. Platte County SD 1 uses the Powerschool student information system as an easy, efficient way for parents to get a wide variety of information. From grades and attendance to test scores, Powerschool offers a simple online option for parents to track their students achievement.

"Find Us on Facebook"

Platte County School District #1 is now on Facebook. In an attempt to increase communication with our parents, community, staff and students, PCSD #1 is using Facebook. Click here or on the Facebook logo to go to our page and 'Like' us to receive updated information on our students, programs, or school-related activities.

The use of Facebook will allow us to post additional pictures, longer stories, and more indepth information than we currently can using our school's and district's websites. If you have suggestions for either this webpage or our Facebook page, please contact us at 322-3175.

Maps to Schools

Please click on the maps link below for information to each of our schools and the administration building.


Platte County School District #1
Benefits and Contact Information

Below is a brief description of the benefits that PCSD#1 has to offer. We invite you to take advantage of the links below and explore our health, dental, vision, and retirement plans. If you have any questions concerning any of these benefits, please contact Stefanie Anderson, PCSD#1 Human Resources, at 307-322-3175 ext 1006 or email; Stefanie is always happy to answer your questions and concerns.


PCSD#1 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming

Platte County School District #1 offers several group health insurance plans through Wyoming Educators Benefits Trust (WEBT). All of these insurance plans are through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming network. Employees meeting the district established guidelines are eligible to receive health insurance coverage through the district. Click here for the summary to each of the plans.

PCSD #1 intends to maintain this plan indefinitely, but reserves the right to terminate or change the plan at any time and for any reason.  Changes to any of the plans may be made including, but not limited to, services covered, deductibles, copayments, maximums, exclusions or limitations, definitions, eligibility, etc. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield has an informative website for you to gather further information or to contact them regarding questions you may have. Click here to go to BCBS of Wyoming for online assistance.

PCSD#1 Delta Dental of Wyoming

Platte County School District #1 dental plan is covered under Delta Dental of Wyoming. Benefits are available to part-time and full-time employees, spouses and children. Our coverage includes:  100% Coverage for Diagnostic and Preventive Services – not subject to deductible.  80% Coverage for Basic Services. 50% Coverage for Major Services. 50% Coverage for Orthodontics. Click here for the summary of our Delta Dental plan.

Please see coverage booklets for full description. Online assistance with claims and other information may be accessed here.

PCSD#1 Vision Service Plan

Platte County School District #1 vision plan is covered under VSP. Our benefit plans are available to part-time and full-time employees, spouses and children. Coverage includes an annual WELLVISION® exam, an annual contact lens exam (in addition to the wellvision exam), and retinal screening (as needed). We also offer annual prescription lenses,  frames (every 24 months) , & contact lenses (annually).  Click here to view the vision enrollment form with current rates.

Please click here for VSP online support regarding all your vision questions.

PCSD#1 Retirement

Platte County School District #1 offers retirement benefits through the Wyoming Retirement System (WRS). The Wyoming Retirement System provides expert administration and responsible investment of Wyoming’s public retirement and supplemental savings programs.  Click here to view the current retirement guide.

For all of your retirement questions, please click here for the Wyoming Retirement online link.

PCSD#1 Voluntary Group Life Plan

Platte County School District #1 offers a voluntary group life plan from the National Conference on Public Employees Retirement Systems for $16.00/month. Please click here to view the brochure with all the details of this plan. Please click here to view and complete the enrollment and beneficiary form. You may click here to complete the request form to change a beneficiary on your NCP Life Insurance.

Click here for detailed brochure of PCSD#1 benefits

Click here for Preventive Benefits July 2015

Click here for Preventive Blood Draw Screenings 2015

Click here for Lincoln Financial Beneficiary Form

Click here for the HIPAA Authorization to Release Information Form

For the District Credit Card Procedures, click here.

For PCSD#1 Pay Dates for 2016-2017 Fiscal Year, click here.


PCSD#1 Salary Schedule


Fringe Benefits for 9-10 Month Part Time Employees

Fringe Benefits for 9-10 Month Full Time Employees

Fringe Benefits for 12 Month Employees

Fringe Benefits for Certified Employees

Temporary Classified Employee Definition


Platte Co School District #1
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