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PCSD#1 Policies Under Review

At their regular board meeting August 17 in Chugwater, the School Board reviewed four policies on first reading. The policies currently being reviewed are: EFB (Free and Reduced Price Food Services); AFC/GCN (Evaluation of Instructional Staff); JEDB (Student Dismissal Precautions); IICA-R (Field Trips and Excursions).

All four of these policies include language changes to the current policy. We are seeking your input on possible language changes to these policies. To provide input please respond by e-mailing Superintendent Dennis Fischer at or by attending the next regularly scheduled work session on September 15 or the next regular board meeting on September 21 at 7 pm.

"School Choice" &
"Supplemental Education Services"

No Child Left Behind or NCLB and mandates that states establish annual performance targets for students based upon state exams with the eventual goal of every child being proficient or advanced by 2014.  Wyoming uses the Proficiency Assessment for Wyoming Students (PAWS) and the ACT test to determine if students were meeting or exceeding grade level expectations. Based on these scores, schools may need to offer "School Choice" and/or "Supplemental Education Services."

For additional "School Choice" and
"Supplemental Education Services" information click here.

"Find Us on Facebook"

Platte County School District #1 is now on Facebook. In an attempt to increase communication with our parents, community, staff and students, PCSD #1 is using Facebook. Click here or on the Facebook logo to go to our page and 'Like' us to receive updated information on our students, programs, or school-related activities.

The use of Facebook will allow us to post additional pictures, longer stories, and more indepth information than we currently can using our school's and district's websites. If you have suggestions for either this webpage or our Facebook page, please contact us at 322-3175.

An Excellent Way for Parents to Track Student's Progress

Staying in touch and informed on your son or daughters education is very important. Platte County SD 1 uses the Powerschool student information system as an easy, efficient way for parents to get a wide variety of infromation. From grades to attendance to test scores, Powerschool offers a simple online option for parents to track their students achievement. For more information or to sign up for this online feature,click here or call your students school.

Shelby Fortik Attends the FBLA National Leadership Conference

Chugwater FBLA was represented on June 29 – July 3 at the FBLA 2015 National Leadership Conference in Chicago by Shelby Fortik. This was the first NLC that Shelby had attended and she was very excited about this trip. Shelby shared that this trip was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. She enjoyed Chicago with all the city had to offer and experienced a lot of “firsts”. This was Shelby’s first trip to Chicago, her first airplane ride, etc. The entire trip revealed to Shelby why she chose to join FBLA during her senior year of high school and encourages other students to do the same!

Shelby competed in Word Processing, which is a two part test. In May, Shelby completed the online production tests where she created documents in Word. At the conference she completed an objective test online with many other contestants in a special testing lab at the conference center.

After testing and between workshops, Shelby and Mrs. Caster visited many exciting places in Chicago. In Millennium Park they admired the sculpture, live music and especially the Buckingham Fountain and the “Bean”. They also took a trip to the Shedd Aquarium featuring the Amazon Rising, Caribbean Reef, Abbott Oceanarium, Polar Play Zone, Waters of the World, At Home on the Great Lakes and Wild Reef Exhibits. Then they took a water taxi to the Navy Pier. Later they returned to the Navy Pier with a group of Wyoming FBLA members and watched the fireworks display.

Shelby said “The sightseeing was amazing!!! The aquarium was the biggest aquarium in the USA so it was really cool. The parks were very beautiful at that time of the year and the fireworks were extremely beautiful over the night lights of Chicago. I would say that going to visit Chicago one day is definitely on my agenda in the future if nothing else but just to sight see.”
The conference ended with a fantastic awards ceremony with approximately 4,500 competitors, members, families and sponsors in one room. The National FBLA Conference committee did a super job in organizing this event. Next year’s NLC is in Anaheim, California.
For more photos, please click on our Facebook icon.

Paying School Fees Online is Now Available

Parents/guardians can now pay their student fees including lunch, online by logging into PowerSchool, navigating to the balances button and then clicking on the RevTrack link as seen below:

Pay your balance here>> RevTrak

The first time logging into Revtrak, the user will need to setup an account. After the initial setup RevTrak will automatically sync with PowerSchool.

Option for al-a-carte (2nd entrée)

Please be aware that the school district is offering an al-a-carte option for students for the 2015-16 school year as part of the National School Lunch Program. This option allows students to return for a second serving of the main entrée. This will be a charged option for all students including free and reduced qualifying students. An example is as follows: when we are serving hamburgers, if a student returns for a 2nd hamburger, he/she will be charged $1.15. Students are allowed to return one time for seconds on any item other than the main entrée and milk without an additional cost.

Every student desiring the al-a-carte option (2nd entrée) will be charged at a rate of $1.15. Students qualifying for free and reduced meals do not qualify for a free or reduced 2nd entrée, thus, having to pay for this option. Please discuss this potential increase in your school lunch costs with your children as to their ability to purchase the 2nd entrée option. If you have questions concerning this memo, please contact Joel McDaniel at the District Office; 322-3175 X1003.

Football Players Now Selling 'Bulldog Cards'

"Bulldog Cards", the annual fundraising activity by the Wheatland football team, are now available. The cards have many local sponsors offering discounts or free items with purchase at their businesses. The money raised through the sale of the cards go to support a variety of efforts including miscellaneous equipment, drinks and refreshments for the team and other areas not covered through the activity's budget. The cost of the cards are $20 and offers savings at 22 local businesses. The card should pay for itself with even general use.

Thank you to the 22 local businesses that participated during this year. For a complete list of businesses and their discounts, click on our Facebook page. Cards expire August 2016.

If you are not contacted by a football player but would still like to purchase a card, contact head coach Dusty Hudson at

PCSD#1 Nurses Invite Parents to Help Keep Your Child Healthy


If you have students that have medical issues (medication to be taken at school, seizure disorder, diabetes, asthma, etc.) or food allergies, please go to the nursing section on the district website to find the appropriate forms to fill out for your child.  These forms need to be filled out ASAP, signed by physician and parent, and then brought in to the school nurse responsible for your child’s school.  It is imperative that these forms are filled out, this helps the nurse create a plan of care for your child in the event of an emergency or if needed for medication administration, or medical procedures to be performed on your student. 

Students that have food allergies that need dietary restrictions need to fill out the special dietary needs paper that is to be signed by physician and parent.  If you choose to NOT have dietary restrictions for your child with food allergies you must fill out the Opt Out form and return to the school nurse ASAP. 

Students in the secondary level (grades 6-12) have the option to carry inhalers and epi-pens, if you want your child to do carry their own medication, please find the appropriate care plan and also fill out the self- administration medication form and return to school nurse. 

Directions to find nursing page:
Main web page
Online forms

If you have any questions please call your school nurse.

Libbey Elementary, Wheatland High School, Glendo School                           
Penny Simonton, BSN, RN
322-3836, ext. 2004
322-2075, ext. 2004

Brandy Crowley, RN
West Elementary, Wheatland Middle School, Chugwater School
322-4180, ext. 3002
322-1518, ext. 3002


WHS Participates in the “Painting of the Paws”


The annual “Painting of the Paws” was completed on August 12th by the Wheatland High School Booster Club. Thanks to all the students and parents that volunteered to help with the project.  A special Thank You to the Wheatland city crew for donating their time and the paint.  For more photos, please click on our Facebook icon.


Steam Academy Students Explore Summer Fun

The Platte County School District #1 STEAM Academy students know how to spend their summer. Click here to learn more about the fun in learning with STEAM activities.

Elyse Rutherford Wins the Wyoming State Historical Society’s Young Historian Award

Elyse Rutherford, Wheatland Middle School 8th grader, won the Wyoming State Historical Society's Young Historian Award for her National History Day website; "Tempest in a Teapot - Albert's "Fall" from Grace: Crooked Leadership and a Legacy of Corruption".
Elyse and her mother will be traveling to Pinedale, Wyoming on Sept 12th to receive her award.   Congratulations to Elyse!

PCSD#1 Announces Free and Reduced Price Meals

Platte County School District #1 announced on Monday, August 3rd, its policy for free and reduced price meals for children unable to pay the full price of meals served under the National School Lunch Program, and School Breakfast Program. Each school and the Central Admin Office have a copy of the policy, which may be reviewed by any interested party. For all the details of this program, please click here.

Wheatland High School Information Packets Available Soon

Student/parent information packets will be available for pick-up at the WHS office August 10th -12th from 8 am to noon.  Packets will have handbooks, student schedules, and breakfast and lunch information along with some other general informational items.

Freshmen orientation will be August 18th at 2 pm.  Please meet in the auditorium. 

Have a wonderful rest of the summer!

STEAM Academy Travels to Colorado


STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) Academy participants traveled to the Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum during their energy-themed field trip on Tuesday, July 21st.  They also visited the US Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden, CO.


Wheatland High School Activities Schedule Available

Summer in Wheatland always seems to fly by with vacations, family, friends and enjoying the sunshine.
August is not so far away and thoughts will be of upcoming sports.
Please click here to view sports schedules for the 2015-16 school year.

Everyone at PCSD#1 wishes you a fun and relaxing summer.


PCSD#1 in Search of Substitute Teachers

PCSD#1 is searching for substitute teachers for the 2015-2016 school year. Our district is continuously looking for qualified substitute teachers and we WELCOME you to become part of our team. Our pay scale for substitute teachers with a sub permit only is
$90.00/day and for substitutes with teacher certification, it is $100.00/day.

By clicking on the Professional Teaching Standards Board link below, it will guide you through this process and you may print a substitute teacher application packet. The website is user-friendly and will make your search easy. They also have phone numbers on their home page should you have questions.

Click here for the Professional Teaching Standards Board website

In addition, you may click here for details of obtaining the required hours needed by signing up for a class through Eastern Wyoming College entitled "Effective Substitute Teaching".

You may call Vicki Hechtner @ 307-322-3175 or email with further assistance, if needed.

Platte #1 Considering New Science Standards

PCSD #1 educators have begun work to improve the District’s science curriculum K-12 for students.    The science curriculum team recently recommended that the PCSD #1 Board of Trustees adopt the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) as our new district science standards.  

The science curriculum team identified several benefits for our students by the adoption of the new science standards.  The proposed standards are different from the previous Wyoming Science Standards of 2008.  First, the science standards are identified by grade levels versus broad grade bands.  Second, the standards are much more comprehensive and address STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) principles cohesively.  Current and future careers and jobs that require students to have a high quality background in STEM will continue to expand.  A third advantage is that the new standards will help our students to be better critical thinkers and creative problem solvers. 

Standards only provide learning targets.  The real work is in how we locally design and teach curriculum that benefits our students and that also reflects Platte County and Wyoming values.  A draft Science “Reach the PEAK” statement was developed to help keep the broad purpose for science education in mind.   We encourage our parents to review both the standards and the Science “Reach the PEAK” and to provide feedback. The goal is to provide all students with a quality science education so they will be prepared for their futures.     

PCSD#1 Participates in National School Breakfast Program

Platte CSD#1 is announcing its participation in the National School Breakfast Program.  The School Breakfast Program is a USDA federal program that reimburses school districts for serving nutritious meals to students.

Beginning April 6, 2015, the following schools will be serving breakfast: Libbey Elementary, West Elementary, Wheatland Middle School, and Chugwater Schools. Breakfast prices are: Student-$1.10, Reduced-$.30, Adult-$1.75

Because of the potential for increased costs to parents, please communicate with your children as to their participation in the breakfast program. For more information, please contact your local school.

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